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Mo­tor­cy­cles have al­ways served as a per­fect can­vas for per­sonal ex­pres­sion. If your bike is just beg­ging to be ex­per­i­mented with, or even if your plas­tics just need a fresh­en­ing up, paint-dip­ping your mo­tor­cy­cle’s body pan­els makes for a sim­ple and cheap weekend project guar­an­teed to pro­duce a unique re­sult. 1. Strip

Take a pho­to­graph of your bike be­fore you start pulling it apart. Re­move the body pan­els that you want to paint and or­ga­nize them from small to large. Con­fi­dence in your paint­ing tech­nique will im­prove as you go.

4. Spray

Fill a plas­tic tub with luke­warm wa­ter, shake your spray cans well, then spray paint over the sur­face. Splat­ters and streaks look fan­tas­tic. A swiz­zle stick dragged through your mas­ter­piece can cre­ate galaxy­like spi­rals.

2. Sand

Us­ing 400- to 500-grit sand­pa­per and a sand­ing block, take the glossy, smooth fin­ish of your plas­tics to a dull matte, and smooth over any abra­sions they might have suf­fered in the course of your rid­ing.

5. Dip

Wear­ing gloves, grab hold of your body­work from one of its mount­ing points, then gen­tly dip at a 90-de­gree an­gle and roll the panel through paint on the sur­face of your tub. It’ll ad­here in­stantly, trans­fer­ring the de­sign.

3. Prep

Us­ing an in­dus­trial sol­vent like brake cleaner or paint thin­ner, give each panel a good scrub. If you en­counter any still-glossy sur­faces, take the time to do a lit­tle more sand­ing. Good prep is the most im­por­tant step in the process.

6. Pre­serve

Al­low the paint to dry, then use a sprayed-on clear coat to seal in all your artsy clev­er­ness. Fin­ish-sand­ing and re­spray­ing your clear coat can cre­ate a glossy, fin­ished look—and make for plenty of dou­ble-takes on your next ride.

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