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If you’re looking for a couple of places to escape the crushing tourist crowds, the islands of

St. itts and Nevis t the bill. Columbus discovered these obscure islands on his second voyage in 1493, but it seems that the masses have yet to discover them, which is why they remain one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Nevis is the quieter of the sister islands, but tranquil beaches, uncrowded shops, restaurant­s and historic sites await you at both destinatio­ns.

St. Kitts has several historic forts. The most popular is Brimstone Hill Fortress, nine miles west of the capital and main port, Basseterre. Dating from 1690, the fort is a complex of bastions, barracks and other structures built on the top and upper slopes of a steep, 800-foot hill.

Three miles from Basseterre you’ll nd the best swimming at Conaree Beach. For a deeper water experience, Nags Head, at the southern tip of St. Kitts, o ers excellent diving amid tropical sh, eagle rays and lobsters.

Visitors who really want a workout can attempt to scale Mount Liamuiga (3,792 feet), also known as “Mount Misery.” A round trip up this dormant volcano takes about four hours.

Nevis, birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, rst Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, boasts a wide variety of attraction­s. For example, you can ride a horse along Pinney’s Beach. On clear days, you can see Montserrat, Redonda and even Antigua. Other activities include nature hikes, cycling and windsurfin­g.

If you prefer lessstrenu­ous sightseein­g, visit the Alexander Hamilton Museum and the Nevis Botanical Gardens, or just snooze in a hammock at Oualie Beach.

St. Kitts has several historic forts.

The most popular is Brimstone Hill Fortress.

Taste of Basseterre

St. Kitts is known for its hearty meat dishes, like rich goat stew and roast pig.

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