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British Heritage


The rst English ship reached Barbados in 1625, and Europeans have been fascinated with the tropical isle’s allure ever since. Over the years, many cultures have colored this easternmos­t Caribbean island, whose warm, friendly residents are known as Bajans, but a decidedly British ambiance still makes visitors feel like royalty. Caribbean cricket, anyone

For an understand­ing of West Indian culture and colonial history, the capital, Bridgetown, is a good place to explore. National Heroes Square (formerly known as Trafalgar Square), which dates back to 1813, is a celebratio­n of the island’s heroes and is home to a bronze statue of Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson. Also of note in Bridgetown are the Barbados Museum, originally a military prison, and one of the oldest Jewish synagogues in the Caribbean, dating back to the 1600s.

Barbados is also a wellspring of natural wonders. Harrison’s Cave, a breathtaki­ng limestone cavern, will be on the top of every spelunker’s to-see list. Its many subterrane­an streams, springs, stalagmite­s and stalactite­s have made it one of the island’s leading tourist attraction­s.

North of Bridgetown is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you may spot green monkeys, red-footed turtles, peacocks and pelicans as you stroll along the wooded paths.

Taste of Bridgetown

The cuisine in Barbados has a heavy focus on seafood, due to the wonderful fresh sh that can be caught just o the coast. Flying sh, the most popular option, is traditiona­lly served with a cornmeal and okra dish called cou-cou.

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