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PHILIPSBUR­G, ST. MAARTEN Topper’s Rhum, Cole Bay


This isn’t just a great mixer for cocktails; this is also a sipping rum, straight or over ice, and it comes with a heartfelt story. Topper and Melanie Daboul own two restaurant­s on the south side of the island, and for years Melanie had been perfecting rum recipes in her kitchen, to make the perfect varieties suitable to be served to customers after dinner. The demand for more was immediate and so they formed a partnershi­p with friends Mike and Thelma King to build a distillery and take this rum WR WKH ZRUOG $ SRUWLRQ RI SURȴWV would go to support organizati­ons for disadvanta­ged kids and battered women. Sadly, the Kings were killed in a robbery attempt, but supportive family members stepped in to bring their dream to fruition. In 2012 the distillery opened and Topper’s Rhum EHFDPH WKH ȴUVW H[SRUW SURGXFW of St. Maarten. Today, the rum has earned numerous medals and awards, and it can be found throughout the United States with Topper’s and

Mike’s signatures on top. Go tour the distillery and buy some rum, knowing your purchase supports a foundation that provides help to others in need.

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