Home­brewed Hacks for Trou­ble­some Re­pairs

Muscle Car Review - - Con­tents - By Wayne Scraba

Home­brewed hacks for trou­ble­some re­pairs

Build­ing and work­ing on mus­cle cars is sup­posed to be fun. It of­ten is

(it’s a hobby af­ter all), but there are a few times when drudgery can set in. You just en­counter things, big and small, that prove trou­ble­some and can stop your build progress cold. Some tasks, if not per­formed cor­rectly, can dam­age ei­ther the parts you’re work­ing on or the car it­self. In other in­stances, the only ap­par­ent so­lu­tion is to take the com­po­nent to an ex­pert or spe­cial­ist and have him per­form the nec­es­sary work. That can be ex­pen­sive. Been there, done that. What fol­lows is a short list of prob­lems and the so­lu­tions we’ve come up with that can make life a bit eas­ier in the shop. Bot­tom line? You can do this stuff!

Af­ter al­low­ing the mo­lasses to work for sev­eral weeks, we think the re­sult is rather re­mark­able. As you can see, the rub­ber sec­tion of the mount wasn’t af­fected by the mo­lasses.

This com­par­i­son shows mo­lasses rust re­moval on the left, com­mer­cial rust re­mover on the right. The mo­lasses was ac­tu­ally su­pe­rior to the com­mer­cial stuff.

What’s the magic rust re­moval elixir? Mo­lasses that any­one can buy from a gro­cery store. We mixed it with hot wa­ter in a plas­tic ice cream bucket.

Our sam­ple part was this rusty mo­tor mount. As a side in­ves­ti­ga­tion, we also wanted to see if the mo­lasses had any ef­fect upon the rub­ber.

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