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In re­sponse to Marc Conigliari’s ar­ti­cle on his Buick GS Stage 1 rag­top [“Op­por­tu­nity Knocks Once,” Feb. 2018] I had to won­der if he is my soul brother. I, too, had this same ex­pe­ri­ence when con­tem­plat­ing fu­ture plans for my 1968 Fire­bird 400 con­vert­ible.

Like Marc’s old Sky­lark, my ’Bird was at a cross­roads: Should I dump $25,000 into it, or sell it and wait for my dream car to ap­pear for sale some­where? I chose to sell (a very hard de­ci­sion af­ter own­ing it for 13 years) and told my­self I will seek to find what I re­ally wanted, if it takes me six months or six years.

Af­ter three months I came across a num­bers-match­ing, one-fam­ily-owned, al­lo­rig­i­nal-sheet­metal, beau­ti­ful Fire­bird 400 con­vert­ible. It was ev­ery­thing I had wanted in a Fire­bird 400.

Long story short, it was the best de­ci­sion I made. Could not have lived with my­self had I passed on this golden op­por­tu­nity. Prob­a­bly paid $2,000 too much for it, but it didn’t mat­ter, it was my dream car. Moral of the story: If you wish it and it is avail­able, go for it! Life is too short.

Ron Mancini

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