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He was driv­ing truck. We broke down in Al­bu­querque. We were go­ing up that big moun­tain and one of the rods ‘went’ and shook the car!”

Bur­nice bought a new pickup and towed the Cougar the rest of the way. In­stead of re­build­ing the 427, Turner—who “started from a boy at 14” as a Cal­i­for­nia hot rod­der—hired a shop in Ok­la­homa City to build a “NASCAR” 427 with a “good block and crank­shaft.” Luck­ily, he kept the orig­i­nal 427.

Turner re­called the day he pur­chased the GT-E from the Ford dealer in Cal­i­for­nia. There were three new Cougars parked side by side. And his was “the only one with the bump,” re­fer­ring to the Power-dome with sim­u­lated air in­takes that he mod­i­fied for

ram air. No doubt, Turner knew he had a spe­cial per­for­mance Cougar, but he isn’t a num­bers-match­ing col­lec­tor.

Bur­nice thanked Peter­son for be­ing a “real per­son” and help­ing doc­u­ment the car to fa­cil­i­tate the sale to Jim Pinker­ton. Sones be­lieved other po­ten­tial buy­ers wanted to flip the rare Mer­cury. In con­trast. Pinker­ton is a se­ri­ous col­lec­tor who will fully re­store the GT-E to high stan­dards, which makes Bur­nice and Turner feel good about let­ting their beloved Cougar go to a new home.

n When the orig­i­nal 427 threw a rod, Turner Ro­bie in­stalled a 427 medium-riser with the orig­i­nal in­take, brack­ets, fan shroud, air cleaner assem­bly, and even the orig­i­nal car­bu­re­tor link­age from the stock 427. Miss­ing is the smog sys­tem and the orig­i­nal car­bu­re­tor.

n All 1968 Cougar GT-Es came with a C6 au­to­matic trans­mis­sion. The odome­ter read 63,311.

n For­tu­nately, Turner kept the GT-E’s orig­i­nal 427, in­clud­ing the orig­i­nal heads, which went with the deal.

n The W in the VIN’s fifth spot is the elu­sive code for the 427, a lim­ited-pro­duc­tion rac­ing en­gine. Many peo­ple still be­lieve Ford in­stalled W-code 427s in the 1968 Mustang, but none have ever been found.

n Royce Peter­son (far left) fa­cil­i­tated this sale for Turner and Bur­nice Ro­bie. Sev­eral books and man­u­als went with the deal.

n Phillip Sones helped his un­cle Turner sell the Cougar GT-E and load the Mer­cury onto Royce Peter­son’s en­closed trailer.

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