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Re­mov­ing and in­stalling head­rest cov­ers seems sim­ple enough, un­til you get into the project. We had a low-mileage Nova with a very nice in­te­rior, but one of the head­rest cov­ers was brit­tle and cracked. One of our big­gest fears with re­place­ment up­hol­stery was get­ting a per­fect color match. As it turns out, the head­rest cov­ers from

PUI In­te­ri­ors are right on when it comes color. Equally im­por­tant, the fit was good too.

Strip­ping the head­rest is rel­a­tively easy. Two screws at the base have to come out, then you are be faced with a num­ber

2 of lit­tle sta­ples that hold it all to­gether tightly. Truth? They’re evil. Re­mov­ing the sta­ples usu­ally trans­lates into pain and bleed­ing. The so­lu­tion? Cut off the old cover. It’s the eas­i­est way to strip it—and least painful too!

Next you slip the new head­rest cover into place. We were a bit con­cerned about this part of the in­stall, as we had heard all sorts of hor­ror sto­ries. Some guys wrap the foam with kitchen plas­tic wrap, which sup­pos­edly makes it eas­ier to pull the vinyl over the foam. Luck­ily our in­stall didn’t need any help. It could be be­cause the orig­i­nal head­rest foam was in per­fect shape aside from the split in the vinyl. With a bit of tug­ging, stretch­ing, and shov­ing, the head­rest cover slid over the foam neatly. By the way, this all goes bet­ter if the vinyl head­rest cover is warm.

Once the head­rest cover is slipped over the foam, stretch it tightly and sta­ple in place with a sta­ple gun. It’s not that dif­fi­cult to get it stretched cleanly, es­pe­cially if the cover is warm.

. . . this view of the head­rest with­out the trim piece. Note the lit­tle sta­ples. They are a pain to re­move. Just cut the old ma­te­rial away and don’t bother with the orig­i­nal sta­ples.

To gain ac­cess, two screws are re­moved from the base of the head­rest. The plas­tic base slides down the shaft and you’re met with . . .

Here’s the fin­ished job. It came out great and re­ally didn’t take much time. Ad­di­tion­ally, the color match of the PUI ma­te­rial was per­fect.

This is com­mon on many mus­cle cars with orig­i­nal in­te­ri­ors. The head­rest split be­cause the vinyl up­hol­stery be­came brit­tle.

Once the ma­te­rial is sta­pled, you can re­in­stall the plas­tic trim piece.

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