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This is Daniel Can­nuli. I had the yel­low 1968 Ca­maro Z/28 with the salt air dam­age (“Phoenix,” May 2016, I lost the yel­low car, as I had to sell it. But I bought it back along with David Beem’s Le Mans Blue sur­vivor Z/28. Long story for another time. With that said, the write-up of the car in the April 2018 is­sue (“Orig­i­nal­ity Cer­ti­fied,” has some mis­takes.

The car was pur­chased by a Chevro­let me­chanic at McMa­han Chevro­let in Lafayette, Colorado. He kept it for about one year. His wife got preg­nant and they had to sell the car. They al­ready had two chil­dren, and the Ca­maro was go­ing to be too small for three young chil­dren. He passed away a few years ago. The sec­ond owner used to drive by the deal­er­ship on his mo­tor­cy­cle and see the Z/28 in the lot. He made con­tact with the first owner and told him if you sell, call me. He sub­se­quently bought the car and kept it for about 48 years! Sold it to David Beem, and David sold it to me not long af­ter. The sec­ond owner is alive and well and is 71. I have talked to him sev­eral times.

Also note: The car only has 54,475 orig­i­nal miles show­ing on the odome­ter, not 64,000. This is very im­por­tant to me, as this mis­in­for­ma­tion will stay with the car for­ever. Peo­ple will think I messed with the mileage, and it could ul­ti­mately de­value the car.

Daniel Can­nuli

We apol­o­gize for the er­rors. Look for a full fea­ture on his Z/28 in a fu­ture is­sue.

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