Muscle Car Review - - Independent Study: Project W-31 -

Project W-31 was a 4-4-2 mas­querad­ing as a W-31 Cut­lass S. Each model used dif­fer­ent grilles. By a stroke of luck, the team was able to score a cor­rect pair. “I was liv­ing off campus and didn’t have a car,” says Cliff Grupke. “I used to bor­row my buddy’s old Galaxie with rusted-through floor­boards to get home to Detroit. Dur­ing one visit, my mom said, ‘I’m go­ing to get you a car. I don’t want you rid­ing in this death­trap.’ A me­chanic friend who worked at a Dear­born Oldsmo­bile deal­er­ship men­tioned there was a nice ’69 Cut­lass with low mileage, and when it be­came mine, we swapped the grilles with the MSU car.”

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