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Thanks for a great mag­a­zine. I sub­scribe to many au­to­mo­tive jour­nals, but I can hon­estly say yours is the one I most look for­ward to. I also want to of­fer praise to you and, I would sus­pect, your ed­i­to­rial and pub­lish­ing team for hav­ing the balls to put into print how a young man’s per­sonal re­la­tion­ship with God en­abled him to get his life back and once again be­gin down the road to a pro­duc­tive life (“Sto­ries,” Ed­i­tor’s Note, Sept. 2018).

It has been my ob­ser­va­tion that in this era of po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness, all-in­clu­sive­ness, gen­der equal­ity, and so on, that many main­stream pub­li­ca­tions avoid like the plague any ref­er­ence to some­one’s re­li­gious con­vic­tions. Good on you for not fall­ing into that chasm. It was re­fresh­ing to get just a small glimpse into the re­al­ity that was and is this young man’s life, and the pos­i­tive changes he has made. If he feels it was a bless­ing to re­ceive the 1967 Im­pala as a mo­ti­va­tor and re­minder of the gift that is so­bri­ety, more power to him.

John Per­reault

The story of the young body shop guy and his wife stopped me in my tracks and teared me up. I, too, had a turn with the “candy,” and fi­nally got clean and sober. I can re­late to the early strug­gles to move on one day at a time. If you keep up with him, please tell him that there are more than a few car guys root­ing for him and that God­given Im­pala.

“There are more than a few car guys root­ing for him”

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