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Un­re­stored cars are full of in­ter­est­ing tid­bits, such as the two dif­fer­ent fin­ishes on the bolts re­tain­ing this re­lay. Although they are from the same sup­plier (pos­si­bly MNP cor­po­ra­tion in Utica, Michi­gan, as in­di­cated by the “M’ head mark­ing) one is plated with sil­ver cad­mium while the other was pro­tected with black phos­phate.

Poor body paint cov­er­age on the back side of the head­lamp sur­rounds is char­ac­ter­is­tic of fac­tory pro­duc­tion and some­thing rarely seen on restored cars.

The spring ring bat­tery cable clamp and weak paint cov­er­age on por­tions of the front fender are fac­tory orig­i­nal.

The black side stripe and red ac­cent­ing stripes were painted on. This un­re­stored ex­am­ple shows us how im­pre­cise they were.

The un­re­stored trunk shows an over­spray pat­tern and a tor­sion bar that’s slightly larger in di­am­e­ter in a GSX to sup­port the ex­tra weight of the trunk-mounted spoiler.

All GSXs came with power front disc/rear drum brakes. Booster and master cylin­der cover were cad­mium plated, and the master was painted black.

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