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Watch the first stage in our lat­est Week to Wicked buildup—con­vert­ing a 1967 Mus­tang hard­top into a fast­back with Golden Star’s sin­gle-part-num­ber sheet­metal kit

MUS­TANG-360.COM HAS COM­PLETED TWO WEEK TO WICKED PROJECTS. The first was in July 2017 when we built a 1966 hard­top from the ground up; then in Jan­uary 2018 we turned a 2013 GT into a fire­breather with bolt-on parts. Be­cause we’re glut­tons for pun­ish­ment, we’ve de­cided to do it again, only this time we’re get­ting way more in­volved by start­ing with a rea­son­ably ratty 1967 hard­top that we’re con­vert­ing into a fast­back with spon­sor Golden Star’s sheet­metal kit.

Many peo­ple pre­fer the look of a fast­back Mus­tang to a hard­top, but if you’ve priced a good fast­back Mus­tang lately—nice, rust-free ex­am­ples are north of $30,000 any­more— con­vert­ing a hard­top to a fast­back starts to look more at­trac­tive, and Golden Star has just made it an af­ford­able op­tion. Golden

Star is not the first com­pany to make re­place­ment sheet­metal for a fast­back con­ver­sion, but they went a step far­ther than the rest by pack­ag­ing ev­ery sin­gle piece of metal needed for the con­ver­sion into a kit that has just one part num­ber. That in­cludes stamped and welded one-piece sides from the cowl all the way to the rear wheel­house, plus the roof skin, braces, and all those lit­tle sheet­metal pieces that the in­te­rior trim mounts to.

The con­ver­sion from hard­top to fast­back for our lat­est Week to Wicked car is tak­ing place at PG Cus­toms & Bod­ies in De­catur, Texas, a dealer of Golden Star parts and a cus­tom body shop that of­ten helps Golden Star test-fit new parts and pro­vides feed­back on fit­ment. PG is also han­dling paint­ing the car, but more on that at a later date. Here, we’ll show you an over­view of what’s in­volved with the ac­tual con­ver­sion.

The whole con­ver­sion process hap­pened in about a week’s time, and the to­tal cost is around $10,000, la­bor in­cluded. Yep, that’s right: Golden Star’s con­ver­sion kit costs un­der $5,000, and PG Cus­toms & Bod­ies charges an ad­di­tional $5,000 for the la­bor to put it all to­gether (not in­clud­ing paint, of course, and any ad­di­tional rust or sheet­metal dam­age re­pairs). Other body shops may charge more for it— PG has done nu­mer­ous con­ver­sions like this and has it down pat.

The start­ing point was a “well-used” 1967 Mus­tang hard­top that had the usual Texas rot, in­clud­ing rusty floor­pans. With the amount of work this car needed to be nice, it wasn’t that much more work to con­vert it to a fast­back body style. So we did.

Golden Star has a com­plete floor­pan for Mus­tangs. Here it is be­fore and af­ter in­stal­la­tion. The floor­pan is not part of the fast­back con­ver­sion, but our car cer­tainly needed it!

We started at the front of the car with a new fire­wall and in­ner fen­der aprons/fram­erails. Again, these parts were nec­es­sary for rust re­pair, and while they’re Golden Star parts, they’re sep­a­rate from the fast­back con­ver­sion kit.

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