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My coil on my 1969 Mus­tang’s 351 en­gine won’t mount up with the chrome coil bracket I bought. It says it is sup­posed to fit. Is the fac­tory 1969 bracket dif­fer­ent?

In 1969, Ford moved the coil back to the pas­sen­ger-side cylin­der head, where it was from 1965-1967 (with the ex­cep­tion of emis­sion con­trol when it was mounted on the in­take), but the dip­stick tube now ran to the in­side of the coil rather than the out­side as it had pre­vi­ously. To com­pen­sate, Ford used a truck coil bracket, part num­ber C8TZ-12043-A. To bet­ter con­fuse the is­sue, there were four dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the B8S-12043-B bracket used on all the other ap­pli­ca­tions, and I think they used the truck piece on the 302 as well in 1969. The Mo­tor­craft re­place­ment part num­ber is DY-70 if you want to look for it on­line. Pretty sure they don’t make it in chrome, so if you want to use your chrome strap you can also run an af­ter­mar­ket dip­stick and con­nect it un­der the al­ter­na­tor.

The bracket on the left is the stan­dard bracket, which car­ries Ford part num­ber B8S-12043-B (Mo­tor­craft DY-52) and was used in most ap­pli­ca­tions, even though there are a cou­ple of vari­ants. In 1969, Ford moved the coil back to the pas­sen­ger-side cylin­der head and used the bracket on the right, which car­ries part num­ber C8TZ-12043-A (Mo­tor­craft DY-70), to help clear the dip­stick tube.

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