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Ibought a pair of stock small­block “Power by Ford” valve cov­ers at a swap meet for my 1969 Mus­tang’s 302 en­gine and they had these weird ex­ten­ders on them. Was that to keep the plug wires from the ex­haust? Is it orig­i­nal? Steve K. Fort Wayne, In­di­ana

The brack­ets are orig­i­nal, but not for your car. In 1968, Ford made those ig­ni­tion wire ex­ten­ders for a short time to keep the wires off of the ex­ter­nally mounted Ther­ma­c­tor tubes on some of the Cleve­land foundry en­gine as­sem­blies. These ex­ten­ders were long, and they would crack the spot weld on the ig­ni­tion wire mounts. Some early ver­sions had a third spot welded down the side of the cover. Ford stopped us­ing the ex­ten­ders and be­gan us­ing a heat sleeve like they did on the FE en­gines. They were not used in 1969, but don’t throw them away— some­one out there needs a set of those for their restora­tion!

These 1968 small-block valve cov­ers have a pair of ex­ten­ders mounted to the ig­ni­tion wire holder mounts with small screws to al­low the wires to avoid touch­ing the Ther­ma­c­tor tubes. They were only used for a short time, as the mounts tended to crack. Some early ver­sions had a mount that had a third spot weld down the side of the cover.

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