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WEEK TO WICKED HAS BE­COME AN OFT-USED BUZZWORD AROUND THE MUS­TANG MONTHLY AND MUS­TANG-360.COM OF­FICES. Un­less you’ve been pay­ing ab­so­lutely zero at­ten­tion, the Mus­tang 360 group—com­prised of the Mus­tang Monthly, Mus­cle Mus­tangs & Fast Fords, 5.0 Mus­tang & Su­per Fords, and Mod­i­fied Mus­tangs & Fords brands— has now com­pleted three Week to Wicked pro­jects. We built a 1966 hard­top in July 2017, a 2013 GT coupe in Jan­uary 2018, and a 1967 fast­back con­ver­sion in July 2018.

The idea be­hind these pro­jects is just as the name says—build a wicked Mus­tang in a week. The en­tire Week to Wicked con­cept was born out of a de­sire to cre­ate com­pelling new video con­tent for the web­site, and pretty much ev­ery brand (mag­a­zine and web­site) in the au­to­mo­tive group at our com­pany has done at least one build.

As the world is mov­ing in­creas­ingly into the dig­i­tal age and tran­si­tion­ing from print to web, we need to keep com­ing up with unique ways to de­liver con­tent to our faith­ful read­ers and view­ers, and

Week to Wicked is not only chock-full of that in­for­ma­tive and en­ter­tain­ing con­tent, it’s also an ex­cel­lent way to high­light some of the awe­some parts avail­able from our ad­ver­tis­ers and spon­sors.

Of course, the re­al­ity of build­ing a car in a week is de­cep­tive. You’ve no doubt seen all the car TV shows that do sim­i­lar builds—one of the first shows, Over­haulin’, kind of founded this build-a-car-in-a-week con­cept. The dirty lit­tle se­cret to those shows is that even though they fire the car up and “drive” it at the end of the show, in re­al­ity there are still a mil­lion lit­tle things left to do to truly fin­ish the car. I’ve seen a bunch of those Over­haulin’ cars that Foose built (they ac­tu­ally built four of them in the old Hot Rod shop about 10 years ago), and while the de­sign and work­man­ship on all of them is top notch, you couldn’t just jump in any of them and drive cross-coun­try. There was a good month’s worth of fin­ish work left to do that the cam­eras didn’t re­veal.

Our Week to Wicked builds have been a lit­tle bet­ter than that due to prior prepa­ra­tion, but there are still things left to do. The Com­pe­ti­tion Or­ange ’66 that we kicked it off with is done and com­pletely driv­able—we drove it home from the 2017 SEMA Show after all—but it still needs the air con­di­tion­ing to be charged with re­frig­er­ant and there are a few tiny de­tails in the in­te­rior that need to be ad­dressed. But that car is, for all in­tents and pur­poses, fin­ished. The 2013 GT that we built un­der the Mus­cle Mus­tangs brand was a far less am­bi­tious build, since we didn’t need to do body and paint or any ma­jor over­haul. It was a bolt-on car, so it went pretty smoothly, though we did have to change the wheel/tire setup after the fact for more clear­ance.

The ’67 we did last sum­mer, how­ever, was by far the most in­volved build any of the brands have taken on in the whole Week to Wicked uni­verse. That car started as a very rough hard­top shell in the “grave­yard” out back of the PG Cus­toms & Bod­ies shop, and it was mas­ter­fully con­verted into a fast­back with Golden Star sheet­metal. When it rolled into our shop, the car was ba­si­cally an empty body shell that was painted but had noth­ing in the way of sus­pen­sion, in­te­rior, trim, or any­thing else. In this case, we lit­er­ally as­sem­bled an en­tire car—driv­e­train, sus­pen­sion, wiring, fluid lines, in­te­rior, EV­ERY­THING— in five days. Well, okay, make that 10 days, since staffers Houla­han and John­son flew in a week early to han­dle some of the small de­tails like bumpers, head­light buck­ets, and that sort of thing. But 98 per­cent of that car was built be­tween a Mon­day morn­ing and a Fri­day night!

The con­clu­sion of that show had us driv­ing the car, but it wouldn’t do a burnout for some rea­son. Think­ing that en­gine was go­ing into a limphome mode due to our neg­li­gence, we have since con­cluded what the prob­lems are—our hastily hacked to­gether air in­take plumb­ing and a wiring prob­lem with the trans­mis­sion that has it stuck in high gear—both of which are our mis­takes, not the man­u­fac­tur­ers’. We are work­ing on fix­ing them as I write this, so that car should be burn­ing the tires to the ground next week some­time, or right be­fore the 2018 SEMA Show. After that, it will get around to as many shows as we can drag it to in 2019.

But even that car still has some fin­ish work after we get it run­ning and driv­ing prop­erly. Its Old Air sys­tem also still needs to be charged, the power steer­ing has no as­sist for some rea­son, and we haven’t aligned the front end. Plus I’m sure I’ll come across some more is­sues to be ad­dressed as we start driv­ing it in anger. As it comes along, we’ll bring you up­dates both here and on Mu­sang-360.com. And yes, one of those up­dates will in­clude a big ol’ smoky burnout!

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