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We have a 1973 Mus­tang con­vert­ible we show in the un­re­stored class with the Mus­tang Club of Amer­ica (MCA). We need to know what the as­sem­bly line bat­tery looked like. We know it was a Motorcraft, but have no ref­er­ence as to what it should look like? Cur­rently we have a re­pro­duc­tion Au­to­lite. Kansas City, Mis­souri

The cor­rect Motorcraft bat­tery for your 1973 Mus­tang is a black­case Motorcraft with red let­ters and red Motorcraft caps. This bat­tery was used in 1972 and 1973 only. Late 1972 was the be­gin­ning of the new­gen­er­a­tion Motorcraft bat­ter­ies with the light­weight clear case, first used as a re­place­ment parts and ser­vice bat­tery. By 1974, the new ver­sion was the OEM bat­tery. An OEM black-case Motorcraft is a rare find due to the lim­ited two-year use as an OEM bat­tery.


I have an op­por­tu­nity to buy a pair of D0OZ-1130-A disc brake ro­tors: N.O.S. in Ford boxes. Is this the cor­rect brake ro­tor for a 1971 Boss 351? These ro­tors are mint in their boxes! They are pricey though, so I want to be cer­tain they are cor­rect for my Mus­tang. Bill Jones Nashville, Ten­nessee

The D0OZ-1130-A disc brake ro­tor is cor­rect for all 1970-1973 Mus­tangs with disc brakes. Make sure they are the orig­i­nal pro­duc­tion-style two-piece ver­sion, as Ford made some one-piece ser­vice parts units in the late 1990s.

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