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Do you still lead-fill quar­ter-panel seams? My body guy says they don’t do that any­more.

I still lead them, but I can’t say for how much longer. Most auto body sup­ply places don’t carry lead or the sup­plies to do it any­more. East­wood still car­ries the sup­plies ( lead is PN 31151) you need if you want to learn to do it your­self.

Most shops like the one you are us­ing don’t lead the seams any­more be­cause of the haz­ards of us­ing lead. The big­gest haz­ard is the acid—the acid is used to help the lead stick to the pan­els, but it gets ev­ery­where and can cause prob­lems and health is­sues. In­hal­ing lead and get­ting it on you is also quite bad. Fi­nally, the fillers we have to­day are re­ally good, so most shops use the fillers on the body seams rather than us­ing lead. The lead is a much stronger fit, and some of the seams can be wide and deep, so I per­son­ally still lead the joints. I would say as long as your shop has a good welded as­sem­bly, the body fillers should work fine. It may be very soon that we won’t have the lead avail­able to us any­more.

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