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CON­VICTED so­ciopath Scott Peter­son has fi­nally re­vealed his twisted mo­tive for the mur­der of his preg­nant wife Laci and their un­born child!

“I couldn’t STAND be­ing around her any­more!” the re­morse­less mon­ster de­clared nearly 16 years af­ter the shock­ing killings that stunned the na­tion.

“Once she was preg­nant, I knew she’d be in my life — for­ever! I couldn’t imag­ine any­thing worse than that,” Peter­son whined in a jail­house con­fes­sion to au­thor Donna Thomas.

The cold-blooded creep glee­fully stuffed his face with a turkey sand­wich while ex­plain­ing his rea­son for choos­ing Christ­mas Eve 2002 as Laci’s last day on Earth. “I fig­ured I may as well kill her be­fore we were sup­posed to be with her fam­ily, one less oc­ca­sion to put on a false face and sit with a bunch of peo­ple I couldn’t stand!” he said.

The fiend re­vealed he de­cided to rid him­self of his wife even be­fore she be­came preg­nant!

“I re­mem­ber it like it was last night,” Peter­son said.

“It was Jan­uary 2002. I was think­ing: new year, new changes.”

Af­ter car­ry­ing out his mur­der­ous plot, he cal­lously ad­mit­ted: “I’m not go­ing to lie. I didn’t feel sad. I wasn’t sorry. I just felt re­lieved.” Peter­son mapped out the di­a­bol­i­cal blue­print for Laci’s killing and the dis­posal of their un­born son, Con­nor, in Thomas’ block­buster book, “I’m Sorry I Lied to You:

The Con­fes­sion of Scott Peter­son.”

The night be­fore the killing, he gazed on his sleep­ing, preg­nant wife and said he chill­ingly thought: “This is your last night in the bed.” Then, Peter­son de­scribed how he stepped up be­hind un­sus­pect­ing Laci in the kitchen and choked the life out of her!

“I took my arm and put it around her neck,” he re­called. “Her hands were both free, but she was weak to be­gin with. Preg­nant, she was vir­tu­ally de­fense­less. I used my right hand to cover her mouth. She fought hard, but it was noth­ing for me.”

The un­feel­ing brute also re­called how he ig­nored Laci’s pleas to save her un­born child dur­ing the strug­gle.

“She man­aged to say:

‘Stop! Why are you do­ing this? What about the baby? Please don’t …’ ” he said.

But Peter­son was un­moved by her pleas and calmly de­scribed us­ing his bare hands to stran­gle his wife. “I would say that from start to fin­ish, it took about three min­utes,” he coldly cal­cu­lated.

Peter­son’s con­fes­sion about how he dis­posed of Laci’s body mir­rored chill­ing ac­counts from a cache of his jail­house let­ters pre­vi­ously ob­tained by The Na­tional EN­QUIRER!

In the dis­turb­ing notes to a prison pen pal, he sketched out how he planned to weigh down Laci’s body af­ter re­mov­ing her head and then sub­merg­ing both — match­ing the hor­ri­fy­ing sce­nario he de­scribed to Thomas!

Peter­son grimly de­scribed stuff­ing Laci’s corpse into a duf­fel bag, driv­ing to his fish­ing boat and load­ing it with five an­chors to weigh her body down af­ter dump­ing it in San Fran­cisco Bay. “When I got out to the point where I wanted to dump her, I turned the mo­tor off and dropped the an­chor,” he re­mem­bered.

“I sat there and read Play­boy mag­a­zine. I planned to do that for at least a half an hour. I fig­ured if any boats were close by, I would see them in a half an hour. I looked around be­fore I did it.

“I just dumped her in.” Although even the pros­e­cu­tion was con­vinced Peter­son put a bull’s-eye on his wife to free him­self for an af­fair with pretty blond Am­ber Frey, the crass killer laughed off the the­ory.

“There were at least 300 Am­bers,” he sneered.


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