One Sim­ple Trick to Re­vers­ing Mem­ory Loss

World’s Lead­ing Brain Ex­pert and Win­ner of the Pres­ti­gious Kennedy Award, Un­veils Ex­cit­ing News For the Scat­tered, Un­fo­cused and For­get­ful

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By Steven Wuzu­bia Health Correspondent; Clear­wa­ter, Florida: Dr. Meir Shinitzky, Ph.D., is a for­mer visit­ing pro­fes­sor at Duke Uni­ver­sity, re­cip­i­ent of the pres­ti­gious J.F. Kennedy Prize and au­thor of more than 200 in­ter­na­tional sci­en­tific pa­pers on hu­man body cells. But now he’s come up with what the med­i­cal world con­sid­ers his great­est ac­com­plish­ment — A vi­tal com­pound. so pow­er­ful, it’s re­ported to re­pair… even re­grow dam­aged brain cells. In lay­man’s terms — Bring back your mem­ory power. And leave you feel­ing more fo­cused and clear-headed than you have in years! In his last speak­ing en­gage­ment, Dr. Shinit­sky ex­plains this phe­nom­e­non in sim­ple terms; “Sci­ence has shown when your brain nutri­ent lev­els drop, you can start to ex­pe­ri­ence mem­ory prob­lems and over­all men­tal fa­tigue. Your abil­ity to con­cen­trate and stay fo­cused be­comes com­pro­mised. And grad­u­ally, a “men­tal fog” sets in. It can dam­age ev­ery as­pect of your life”. Not only do brain cells die but they be­come dys­func­tional as if they be­gin to fade away as we age. This af­fects our abil­ity to have men­tal clar­ity and fo­cus and im­pacts our abil­ity to re­mem­ber things that were easy for us to do in our 20’s and 30’s. Sci­en­tists think the big­gest cause of brain de­te­ri­o­ra­tion in older peo­ple is the de­creased func­tion­ing of mem­branes and mol­e­cules that sur­round the brain cells. These re­ally are the trans­mit­ters that con­nect the tis­sues or the brain cells to one an­other that help us with our sharp mem­ory, clear think­ing and men­tal fo­cus, even our pow­ers to rea­son well. “When we are in our 20’s” ac­cord­ing to Dr. Shinitzky “our body pro­duces key sub­stances like phos­phatidylser­ine and phos­pha­tidic acid”…un­for­tu­nately they are be­lieved to be crit­i­cal es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents that just fade away with age, much like our mem­o­ries of­ten do lead­ing to fur­ther men­tal de­te­ri­o­ra­tion. As we get older it be­comes more frus­trat­ing as there is lit­tle com­fort when you for­get names… mis­place your keys…or just feel “a lit­tle con­fused”. And even though your foggy mem­ory gets laughed off as just an­other “se­nior mo­ment,” it’s not very funny when it keeps hap­pen­ing to you.

The Miss­ing Link is Found and Tested

It’s hard to pro­nounce that’s for sure, but it cer­tainly ap­pears from the as­tound­ing clin­i­cal re­search that this one vi­tal nutri­ent phos­phatidylser­ine (PS) can re­ally make a huge dif­fer­ence in our men­tal well­ness. 17 dif­fer­ent dou­ble blind stud­ies with placebo con­trolled groups have been in­volved in the clin­i­cal re­search of PS with pa­tients be­tween the ages of 55-80 years of age. Pe­ri­od­i­cally the re­searchers gave these pa­tients mem­ory and cog­ni­tive tests and the re­sults were sim­ply amaz­ing: 1) PS pa­tients out­per­formed placebo pa­tients in All 5 Tests - 100% Suc­cess Rate 2) Af­ter only 45 days there was a mea­sur­able im­prove­ment in men­tal func­tion 3) Af­ter 90 days, there was an im­pres­sive and amaz­ing im­prove­ment in men­tal func­tion The group tak­ing phos­phatidylser­ine, not only en­joyed sharper mem­ory, but lis­ten to this… they were also more up­beat and re­mark­ably more happy. In con­trast, the moods of the in­di­vid­u­als who took the placebo (starch pill), re­mained un­af­fected….no men­tal or mood im­prove­ment at all.

Vi­tal Nutri­ent Re­verses “Scat­ter Brain”

This in­cred­i­ble PS nutri­ent feeds your brain the vi­tal nutri­ent it needs to stay healthy... PS now has the at­ten­tion of some of the world’s most prom­i­nent brain ex­perts. It has been writ­ten up and pub­lished in lead­ing sci­ence and med­i­cal jour­nals and its find­ings have elec­tri­fied the In­ter­na­tional sci­en­tific com­mu­nity.

Earth-Shak­ing Sci­ence

Pub­lished, clin­i­cal re­ports show re­plen­ish­ing your body’s nat­u­ral sup­ply of Phos­phatidylser­ine, not only helps sharpen your mem­ory and con­cen­tra­tion — but also helps “perk you up” and put you in a bet­ter mood. PS as it turns out also helps to re­duce ev­ery­day stress and el­e­vate your mood by low­er­ing your body’s pro­duc­tion of the hor­mone cor­ti­sol. When cor­ti­sol lev­els are too high for too long you ex­pe­ri­ence fa­tigue, bad moods and weak­ness. This drug-free brain­boost­ing for­mula en­ters your blood­stream fast (in as lit­tle as thirty min­utes). Of­fi­cially Re­viewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion: PS is the ONLY Health Sup­ple­ment that has a “Qual­i­fied Health Claim for both Cog­ni­tive Dys­func­tion and De­men­tia”.

Spe­cial Op­por­tu­nity For Our Read­ers

We’ve made ar­range­ments with the dis­trib­u­tor of this pro­pri­etary blend of PS, which com­bines with sev­eral other proven spe­cial brain boost­ing nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents to give you the men­tal clar­ity and mem­ory gain that you need, to give you a Risk-Free trial sup­ply. This is a spe­cial “Read­ers Only Dis­count”. This trial is 100% risk-free. It’s a ter­rific deal. If Li­pogen PS Plus doesn’t help you think bet­ter, re­mem­ber more... and im­prove your mind, clar­ity and mood — you won’t pay a penny! (Ex­cept S&H). But you must act fast. Your or­der can only be guar­an­teed if it comes in within the next 7-days. Af­ter that, sup­plies could run out. And your or­der may not be ful­filled un­til they are re­plen­ished. So don’t wait. Now you can join the thou­sands of peo­ple who think bet­ter, re­mem­ber more — and en­joy clear, “fog-free” mem­ory. Call to­day, toll-free at 1-800-423-7018. Think of it as mak­ing a “wake-up call” to your brain.

Dr. Meir Shinitzky, Ph.D. a for­mer visit­ing pro­fes­sor at Duke Uni­ver­sity and a re­cip­i­ent of the pres­ti­gious J.F. Kennedy Prize

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