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KATHIE LEE GIF­FORD isn’t the only one throw­ing in her wine­glass on the fourth hour of “To­day” — so is co-host

Hoda Kotb!

Al­though Hoda cried croc­o­dile tears when Kathie Lee an­nounced her de­par­ture, sources said she was se­cretly steamed at hav­ing to sit with Kathie Lee un­til she of­fi­cially leaves in April and wants a clean break!

“Hoda is over bud­dy­ing up with Kathie Lee, as well as the whole for­mat of the show,” snitched a source.

“A few days af­ter Kathie Lee’s an­nounce­ment, Hoda went to the hon­chos and said, ‘I quit!’

“It’s caused a huge panic at NBC, as they can’t lose all of their most fa­mous faces in just a few months.

“At the very least, Hoda wants to give up the fourth hour of ‘To­day,’ and they’re scram­bling to find a way to make her stay.”

Hoda, 54, and Kathie Lee, 65, be­gan co-host­ing “To­day’s” fourth hour to­gether in April 2008 and grew as close as sis­ters.

But they drifted apart af­ter Hoda started dat­ing busi­ness­man Joel

Schiff­man and adopted daugh­ter Ha­ley Joy.

Then Hoda was of­fi­cially named co-host of the first two hours of “To­day” af­ter Matt Lauer was booted in a sleazy sex scan­dal, in­sid­ers said. Now, ac­cord­ing to sources, Hoda has stopped lunch­ing with Kathie Lee, and the two women no longer so­cial­ize. In­sid­ers said Hoda, who started out as a cor­re­spon­dent on “Dateline NBC” in

1998, likes her job and the net­work’s feel­ing is mu­tual.

But she’s also started to feel as if she be­longs to a light en­ter­tain­ment club, swill­ing wine with Kathie Lee. A source added: “In­ter­nally at NBC News, Kathie Lee will not be missed.

“She’s a joke — more en­ter­tainer than re­porter. Staff laughed it was more like work­ing with a ‘Real Housewife’ than a mem­ber of the news team.”

NBC hon­chos are try­ing to fig­ure out a way to makeKotb stay Megyn Kelly

Kotb and Gif­ford no longer so­cial­ize, said an in­sider

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