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BITTER Keanu Reeves refused to attend the funeral of the estranged junkie dad who’d abandoned him as a child, sources dished!

The National ENQUIRER can exclusivel­y reveal that the actor’s father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., quietly passed away last year after spending decades begging his famous son for closure. Sam, a heroin addict who did jail time for drug-related crimes, was the last link connecting the 54-year-old “Speed” star to his

Hawaiian roots. Sources said Keanu has since cut ties to the rest of the family. An obituary for Sam reads: “Samuel Nowlin Reeves, age 75, of Honolulu, Hawaii, passed away on Friday, January 26, 2018.”

A social media post confirmed that a memorial luncheon took place at Duke’s Waikiki: “Event will be hosted by Uncle Sam’s daughter Emma Rose

Reeves and his niece Nanea Reeves. At 3:00 there will be a prayer at the beach … NOTE: Sam’s other children

will not be attending.”

“Sam’s dying wish was to make up with Keanu,” a source told The ENQUIRER, but “he hadn’t seen or heard from his son in years. Sam knew he’d messed up and wanted to make things right, to have a relationsh­ip with him, but he was met with radio silence. “The rest of the family would still love for him to get in touch, but they realize they may never see him again.” Sam met Keanu’s mother, Patricia, a former showgirl, in Beirut, Lebanon, where the actor was born. He was mostly an absentee father while they lived in Toronto.

His parents divorced when Keanu was 15. The family moved to L.A., but

Sam returned to Hawaii. He remarried twice and had daughter Emma.

When approached by The ENQUIRER, she refused to comment on her dad’s death. “Keanu said my life was tragic and, oh boy, does that hurt!” Sam mourned in 2001. “But he’ll always be my boy.”

The actor did not respond to a request for comment.

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