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CAGEY of­fi­cials are keep­ing quiet about a gun­tot­ing man who sup­pos­edly fired shots at a rag­ing Big­foot in a na­tional park — spark­ing new fears of a gov­ern­ment cover-up to hide the ex­is­tence of the elu­sive ape­like beast!

But The Na­tional ENQUIRER has un­earthed riv­et­ing eye­wit­ness ac­counts of the ter­ri­fy­ing event, which left campers quak­ing with fear.

Made­lyn Du­rand, 22, and Brad Ginn, 24, were asleep in their tent at Ken­tucky’s Mam­moth Cave Na­tional Park in late July when they said they were star­tled awake by loud noises.

“We got out and saw

a man who told us their camp­site had been de­stroyed by some­one — or some­thing,” said Du­rand.

The guy then told the two col­lege stu­dents they were in “Big­foot coun­try,” showed them his gun and told them to run if they heard shots, Ginn re­called.

Then Ginn said, “Min­utes later … we hear the man yell some­thing like ‘Oh my God! Do you see that? There it is!’” That ex­cla­ma­tion was quickly fol­lowed by gunfire

— and the ter­ri­fied man’s claim that he’d seen a brutish Big­foot charg­ing to­ward him from the brush, re­ported the rat­tled cou­ple.

While the Na­tional Park Ser­vice con­firmed to The ENQUIRER that a ranger re­sponded to a shoot­ing re­port on

July 29, they re­fused to re­lease any ad­di­tional de­tails!

“An ar­rest has not been made at this time,” said a spokesper­son, who in­sisted the in­ves­ti­ga­tion is still on­go­ing. But ac­cord­ing to lo­cal re­searchers, Ken­tucky is a hot­bed of Big­foot sightings — with nearly 400 cred­i­ble in­ci­dents re­ported since 1994!

Col­lege stu­dents Brad Ginn and Made­lyn Du­rand

They were awak­ened by loud noises near their tent

They were in “Big­foot coun­try”

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