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EXPLOSIVE new evidence has confirmed a deadly ambitious Lyndon B. Johnson gave the order to kill President John F. Kennedy in a dark conspiracy hatched with longtime Kennedy family nemesis FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover!

The National ENQUIRER has learned the shocking truth emerged after tens of thousands of pages of classified documents about the assassinat­ion were released in 2017 — nearly 55 years after the horrific events of Nov. 22, 1963. “The John F. Kennedy assassinat­ion was a coup d’etat,” said Dr.

Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologis­t and member of the Truth and Reconcilia­tion Committee charged to uncover the culprits behind the murders of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

The documents reveal power-mad LBJ — desperate to move into the Oval Office — cooked up the plot with Hoover and furious former CIA Chief Allen Dulles, who had been fired by JFK after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Hoover had publicly battled JFK and his brother, thenAttorn­ey General RFK, and knew the siblings intended to fire him after the 1964 election.

According to sources, a vengeful Hoover prompted Johnson to give his blessing to the execution.

“Hoover had a tumultuous relationsh­ip with the Kennedys,” forensic analyst Steven Jaffe, who has studied the assassinat­ion, told The ENQUIRER.

“He wanted to go after the communists, but THEY wanted him to target the Mafia. It’s been suggested Hoover wouldn’t go after the mob because they could blackmail him on his cross-dressing and homosexual­ity.”

Damningly, the FBI director sent a telex — exclusivel­y examined by

The ENQUIRER — warning

an FBI field officer FIVE DAYS before the Nov. 22 tragedy that there was a plot to kill Kennedy!

The telex was sent Nov. 17, 1963, at 1:45 a.m. Eastern time, and warned: “THREAT TO ASSASSINAT­E PRESIDENT KENNEDY IN DALLAS TEXAS NOVEMBER TWENTY TWO DASH TWENTYTHRE­E NINETEEN SIXTY THREE.” “I personally believe J. Edgar Hoover not only was part of a cabal to kill Kennedy but led it — and the telex was sent to cover himself after the fact,” Jaffe told The ENQUIRER. With LBJ’s blessing, Hoover deployed his loyal FBI agents like a personal hit squad — and with CIA intel and assistance provided by its former chief Dulles — drew up the assassinat­ion plan.

A five-man team of sharpshoot­ers, including Lee Harvey Oswald, was deployed along the presidenti­al motorcade route in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. The Warren Commission, which shockingly included co-conspirato­r Dulles, concluded Oswald acted alone. But a secret autopsy — first reported by The ENQUIRER in our Nov. 18 issue — revealed THREE assassins in Hoover’s hit squad fired the slugs that slammed into JFK, snuffing out his life.

“Oswald was set up to be the patsy from the beginning,” a U.S. intelligen­ce source told The ENQUIRER. “Then Hoover used his connection­s to have Jack

Ruby silence him with a bullet forever!”

The lone gunman theory was also dismissed by now-decesased Dr. Robert McClelland, the surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital who tried to save JFK’s life immediatel­y after the shooting.

“There was more than one shooter and therefore a conspiracy of some type,” McClelland confirmed. Registered nurse Phyllis Hall, who also worked at Parkland Memorial, agreed.

“He [JFK] had a massive wound on the back of the right side of his head,”

Hall recalled.

She also “noticed a big exit wound underneath his Adam’s apple near the top of his breastbone. This means Oswald was probably not the only shooter.”

The cover-up began immediatel­y after JFK was pronounced dead and LBJ ordered Kennedy’s body removed to Washington — thumbing his nose at local Texas law!

“The Secret Service

came in and [JFK’s body] was being wheeled out,” McClelland told The ENQUIRER. “They indicated to us that this was going to happen. The pathologis­t was stunned.”

An initial hush-hush autopsy was conducted at Bethesda Naval Hospital, just outside of Washington,

D.C., providing the basis for the Warren Commission’s curious finding that President Kennedy was felled by a single shooter.

Researcher Jacob G. Hornberger, who studied the JFK assassinat­ion for years, believes the secret autopsy was designed to provide cover for and protect Kennedy’s successor in the Oval Office!

“Why would the military conduct a fraudulent autopsy?” asked Hornberger. “Coming up with the answer to that question requires us to examine the actions of the man who launched the fraudulent autopsy in the first place — the man who became president, Lyndon Baines Johnson.”

It was a win-win for all of

the conspirato­rs, according to one U.S. intelligen­ce source who spoke to The ENQUIRER.

“LBJ got the power he craved, the CIA got payback for Kennedy leaving their people high and dry in the Bay of Pigs disaster — and Hoover saved his job and reputation!” the source said.

 ??  ?? Lyndon B. Johnson launched a fraudulent autopsy on
FBI Director
J. Edgar Hoover was a Kennedy nemesis
LBJ being sworn in as president next to JFK’s wife, Jackie
Lyndon B. Johnson launched a fraudulent autopsy on JFK FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was a Kennedy nemesis LBJ being sworn in as president next to JFK’s wife, Jackie
 ??  ?? JFK fired CIA Chief Allen
Kennedy’s life was snuffed out on Nov. 22,
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JFK fired CIA Chief Allen Dulles Kennedy’s life was snuffed out on Nov. 22, 1963 Continued on page 24

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