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RYAN SEACREST shocked audiences with his slurred speech and shriveled eye on the finale of “American Idol” — prompting fears he could go blind!

Ryan, 45, struggled to read cue cards and missed work the next day as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

He was then forced to dismiss the fears of fans who speculated his half-closed eye was a sign he’d had a stroke!

A rep for Ryan insisted he was simply exhausted from his grueling schedule. A source who knows Ryan had a different theory and told The National ENQUIRER: “It could well have been a reaction to a Botox injection administer­ed by himself or someone else at his home, as most Hollywood cosmetic surgeons are still closed.

“It would be deeply concerning — especially if it had been done wrong! It could ruin his eyesight. He could go blind!”

Plastic surgeon Yoel Shahar told The ENQUIRER a Botox mistake could take “months” to heal: “If someone were to inject him a little too far down and hit the muscle, it can kind of paralyze around the eye.”

But there are also fears Ryan suffered lasting damage to his eye!

Dr. Shahar warned of a droopy lid condition: “It could be ptosis on the right eye. His eyelid is covering the pupil — it looks like the muscles could be affected.

“Ptosis can be improved with certain drugs, but not eliminated completely. Another doctor warned the symptoms could indicate something WORSE that could force him off TV forever!

“The situation with Ryan appears serious, as it involves his speech and suggests a toxic or metabolic or neurologic condition,”

Dr. Otto Placik told The


Ryan missed one day of “Live,” but returned May 19 and thanked fans for “the very kind well wishes.”

But the source added: “His eyes still looked different and that is really concerning!”

The doctors quoted in this story have not treated Ryan Seacrest.

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 ??  ?? Ryan even missed work the next day
Ryan even missed work the next day

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