National Enquirer : 2020-07-20

TRUE CRIME : 14 : 14


T R U E C R I M E - COPS NE AMERICA’S MOST TALKED ABOUT MAGAZINE 14 JULY 20, 2020 NATIONAL MONSTER PARENTS MOVED AND LEFT DISABLED SON ALONE IN FILTH! HEARTLESS Missouri parents left their disabled kid alone for weeks at their old place, authoritie­s alleged, while the rest of the family moved into a spacious new home! Janine Allen, 30, and Brendon Luke, 29, were arrested on charges of felony abuse or neglect of a child after a neighbor contacted police. Cops claimed the tipster told them the couple had left a 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy behind in their Blue Springs residence, which stank of urine and feces. According to authoritie­s, witnesses recalled Allen saying she didn’t want the child’s wheelchair to damage the walls of the new house! Brendon Luke Janine Allen TWO SAPS TIE NAKED GUY TO A TREE! TWO dirtbags kidnapped a male acquaintan­ce from his New Hampshire home, forced him to strip and left him tied to a tree, cops claimed. Officials from the Manchester Police Department said they’ve gotten to the on Ariel Dupuis, 29, and Ronald Betances, 37. Betances was charged with kidnapping and robbery, and Dupuis, who’s accused of being his accomplice, was booked for criminal liability to kidnapping and criminal liability to robbery. Ronald Betances Ariel Dupuis

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