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Fragile widow is too weak to sing

- The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Celine Dion.

DISTURBING­LY gaunt Celine Dion is shunning the spotlight as a mysterious muscle problem has reduced the diva to an 87-pound bag of bones who barely has the strength to sing, according to insiders, who fear for the skinny superstar.

“Celine is so frail. She has difficulty walking, let alone even thinking about performing,” a tipster dishes. “People around her are terrified. She just can’t seem to gain weight or even want to try.”

Back in January Celine,

54, revealed treatments for “severe and persistent muscle spasms” were

“taking longer” than she hoped while canceling the 16 remaining dates on her North American Courage World Tour. Earlier, the frail widow scrapped more than a dozen stops!

Sources squeal the Grammy-winning artist is still suffering from the crippling muscle ailment that also derailed her Las Vegas residency last year.

Celine has not been seen in

public since January when she was caught on camera in Nevada.

Shocking images show her looking pin-thin and pale with gray-streaked hair and a hollowed-out face nearly swallowed by a mask! Though insiders say the “My Heart Will Go On” singer had hoped for a triumphant return to the stage, going on the road again proved too much to bear.

Stunned doctors who examined her photos believe she weighs no more than 87 pounds!

“The muscle spasms are likely the result of hypokalemi­a, which is the result of dangerousl­y poor nutrition,” observes New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer.

“The condition also causes cramps, weakness and in some cases paralysis!” Fischer says Celine’s apparent inability to gain weight may be triggered by “long-standing emotional issues, exhaustion, depression or grief.” An insider confides Celine has struggled profession­ally and personally since losing longtime manager and husband René Angélil to throat cancer in 2016.

“She hasn’t been the same since — either emotionall­y or physically,” the insider snitches.

But Fischer warns if she doesn’t get proper nutrition, she could suffer a “potentiall­y fatal heart rhythm disturbanc­e.” Meanwhile, longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin believes she may even be suffering from a spasmcausi­ng autoimmune disease such as ALS or MS.

“Both cause nerve damage and devastatin­g weight loss,” Mirkin explains. “In either case, she desperatel­y needs hospitaliz­ation and treatment that could save her life!”

 ?? ?? THEN NOW is worrying those around her
THEN NOW is worrying those around her
 ?? ?? She hasn’t been the same since the 2016 death of hubby Réne
Angélil, insiders say
She hasn’t been the same since the 2016 death of hubby Réne Angélil, insiders say
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