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ORIGINAL ’60s teen idol Bobby Rydell — best known for “Volare” and “Wild One” — died at age 79 of pneumonia.

The Philadelph­ia native sold over 25 million records and was an influence on The Beatles and the John Travolta hit “Grease.”

THE ENQUIRER told you Garth Brooks was opening his own dive bar weeks ago, but now he’s officially announced it, saying: “The goal is a classic honky-tonk that welcomes all and encourages love and kindness.” However, the bar’s name is yet to be revealed.

INCARCERAT­ED “Tiger King” sensation Joe Exotic’s husband Dillon Passage has agreed to divorce him, but only if he signs an order promising never to contact him again. Joe, who is battling cancer while serving an 11-year sentence, is now planning to marry another man he met while inside.

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