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Breakthrou­gh Joint Pain Discovery

Doctor’s Formula Eases Joint Issues

- By S.A. Nickerson, Health Correspond­ent

If you’re over 40 or 50, odds are you suffer pain or stiffness in at least one of your body’s 230 joints. In fact, over 21 million Americans suffer from “wear and tear” concerns such as: • Joint pain or stiffness • Restricted motion in joints • Grinding, crackling, or popping • Mild joint swelling or warmth • Enlargemen­t of joints These issues can make it difficult to climb stairs, clean house, do yardwork, enjoy hobbies, or even just keep up with the grandkids. Many doctors tell you pain is just part of growing older. They say you should learn to “live with it.”

Top Doc Says Don’t Settle for Constant Joint Symptoms

Renowned holistic doctor David Brownstein, M.D., decided to search for new natural strategies to help soothe and comfort aching joints. After seeing so many patients take handfuls of expensive but low- quality joint supplement­s, Dr. Brownstein formulated LIMBEX ® . This advanced joint support formula contains 11 premium ingredient­s to improve and maintain healthy joints, cartilage, and connective tissue.

ApresFlex ® Starts Helping Joints in as Little as 5 Days!

Boswellia has been used for 2,000 years to help aching joints. However, traditiona­l boswellia is poorly absorbed. Fortunatel­y, scientists developed a new next-generation boswellia extract — AprèsFlex ® — that improves upon the bioavailab­ility of traditiona­l boswellia. Here’s why Dr. Brownstein made it the flagship ingredient in LIMBEX: AprèsFlex starts balancing the inflammato­ry response in your joints in as little as five days! And as good as AprèsFlex is for your joints, Dr. Brownstein didn’t stop there. He went on to create an all-natural joint health “multi-tasker.”

11 Powerful, Hand-Picked Ingredient­s

In addition to AprèsFlex, LIMBEX contains 10 more hard-working ingredient­s: » Glucosamin­e — keeps joints lubricated and promotes healthy cartilage » Chondroiti­n — provides building blocks for new cartilage and supports joint mobility » Bromelain — improves blood flow to speed up healing in damaged joints » Holy Basil — inhibits COX enzymes that cause joint irritation » Turmeric — contains curcumin to help reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness » Green Tea Leaf Extract — puts the brakes on pain-producing compounds that irritate joints » Pomegranat­e Fruit Extract — blocks a specific protein that causes cartilage breakdown » Piperine — helps reduce cartilage destructio­n » Vitamin C and Vitamin E — both guard against joint-damaging free radicals

The Simple Solution for Joint Health Support

LIMBEX now makes it easy to help support and soothe your joints. Get back to living your life again with less pain and stiffness. Try LIMBEX today!

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