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Grooming Kim’s beau for role in K-clan show


KARDASHIAN momager Kris Jenner is grooming Pete Davidson to star on her family’s new reality show while desperatel­y trying to get daughter Kim’s popular boytoy under her thumb, sources tell The National ENQUIRER.

“If all goes well, Kim and Pete will be engaged very soon, but not before he signs off on a document that’s essentiall­y handing Kris and Kim control of his life for the foreseeabl­e future,” says an insider.

Right now the “SNL” comic, 28, “is getting a full-dress rehearsal” for his future as he squires around reality queen Kim, 41, the insider says. “Pete’s learning how he needs to carry himself, the do’s and don’ts of fashion, managing his social media,

and, of course, how to milk those New York connection­s that made him such a big draw in the first place,” reveals the source.

Kris was impressed by how quickly Pete committed to being on Hulu’s “The Kardashian­s,” which debuted April 14, according to the insider.

“He’s a breath of fresh air compared to confrontat­ional Kanye West and other guys who have come and gone because they couldn’t handle the intensity,” the spy dishes. Now Kris is practicall­y drooling over the prospects of having Pete AND daughter

Kourtney Kardashian’s lover Travis Barker in the bag, tattles the source. Pete seems willing to play ball Kardashian style. “He’s totally smitten with Kim and thinks she’s by far the most fascinatin­g woman he’s dated,” says the insider. “He’s content to follow Kim’s lead and learn from her entreprene­urial business sense, though he’s quite a savvy businessma­n himself. “That’s what makes them a great team. He’ll have lots to contribute. Kris sees marvelous potential.”

 ?? ?? Pete is smitten with Kim and happy to play ball with her mom, spies say
Pete is smitten with Kim and happy to play ball with her mom, spies say

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