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PUFFY Priscilla Presley’s latest efforts to restore her ravaged face have only made a bad situation worse, experts say. According to plastic surgeons, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife, 76, appears to have tried to undo damage caused long ago when a quack shot industrial silicone into her mug. But the docs insist her once enviable beauty will NEVER be restored!

“She clearly looks like she’s had new work done, but there is no undoing the damage,” observes New York–based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar, who has not treated Priscilla. Docs believe the “Naked Gun” sex siren recently had lip and cheek fillers, as well as multiple face-lifts, injectable­s and laser treatments. But they say the avalanche of procedures has done nothing to reverse previous treatments, which marred her once beautiful looks — forever!

A rep for the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant once admitted Priscilla was victimized by an unlicensed “doctor” who injected her with a promised “miracle antiwrinkl­e serum.” But the quick fix turned out to be low-grade silicone, similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts!

“This kind of silicone injection has left her face damaged beyond repair,” says Shahar. “It has distorted her face with multiple unsightly lumps. This is uncorrecta­ble.”

 ?? ?? Elvis’ ex-wife is barely recognizab­le
Elvis’ ex-wife is barely recognizab­le
 ?? ?? Her face was damaged long ago by a shot of silicone
used for auto parts
Her face was damaged long ago by a shot of silicone used for auto parts

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