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AMERICA’s favorite fast foods may be making you sick!

Shocking studies suggest dangerous chemicals linked to serious health problems are lurking in popular items from cheeseburg­ers to chicken nuggets and burritos — and food wrappers! Researcher­s at George Washington University

(GWU) tested more than 60 fast food items and unused food handling gloves from different restaurant­s — and identified ten different chemicals known to disrupt the endocrine system!

“We found phthalates and other plasticize­rs are widespread in prepared foods at fast food outlets,” says Dr. Lariah Edwards. “Many consumers are getting a side of potentiall­y unhealthy chemicals along with their meal.”

The GWU study found more than 80 percent of the food samples contained chemicals linked to fertility and reproducti­ve problems and increased risks of childhood attention, learning and behavioral disorders.

Foods containing meats had higher levels of the chemicals, while cheese pizzas had the lowest. Previous research by a GWU team suggests people who eat home-cooked meals have lower levels of those chemicals, likely due to the absence of handling gloves and post-preparatio­n packaging.

A recent Consumer Reports investigat­ion of packaging products from 24 companies also found alarming levels of PFAS — so-called forever chemicals, which don’t break down in the environmen­t — in commercial food wrappers and containers.

Exposure to humanmade PFAS (per- and polyfluoro­alkyl substances) can harm the immune system and reduce resistance to infectious diseases.

PFAS are used in beverage cups, paper bags, fiber bowls and paper plates designed to be grease- and water-resistant.

Many companies have pledged to replace the suspect items, but the phaseout isn’t complete and newer PFAS in packaging products appear to be absorbed by food more readily, researcher­s warn. Experts advise taking food out of containers as soon as possible and never reheating it in the original packaging. Also, cut takeout meals to once a week — or less! “Stronger regulation­s are needed to keep these harmful chemicals out of the food supply,” says Edwards.

 ?? ?? Your meal may come with a side of unhealthy plastics!
Your meal may come with a side of unhealthy plastics!

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