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How Green River Monster satisfies candy cravings


SERIAL slayer Gary Ridgway — the notorious Green River Killer convicted of murdering 49 gals — sweetens his holidays behind bars by gobbling candy and junk food! An exclusive National ENQUIRER investigat­ion uncovered the cruel monster’s commissary records for the last ten years at Washington

State Penitentia­ry, Walla Walla, where he’s been locked away since 2003. The documents reveal the only time the 73-year-old sicko deviates from his usual humdrum purchases, like soap and cereal bars, is around Christmast­ime and Feb. 18 — his birthday! Records show Ridgway ordered butterscot­ch candy near Christmas 2015, celebrated his 2016 birthday with a bag of Doritos and

three years later indulged in a Butterfing­er bar as he hit the big 7-0!

The twisted fiend terrorized the Pacific Northwest during the ’80s and ’90s. Following his 2001 arrest, he confessed to strangling more than 70 women and even raping some of their corpses!

He was socked with 49 life sentences — plus 480 years, ensuring he’ll die in prison.

But a source fumes, “Gary’s still able to stuff his face with candy and treats, while his victims’ families are still having to deal with the hell he brought to their doors. He should be banned from access to anything enjoyable!”

 ?? ?? Gary Ridgway was convicted of 49 murders
Gary Ridgway was convicted of 49 murders
 ?? ?? Cops searched the grounds of his Washington home
Cops searched the grounds of his Washington home

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