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THE same-sex society wedding of Caroline Kennedy’s daughter Rose Schlossber­g to restaurate­ur Rory McAuliffe drew quite a crowd, including many from the Camelot clan and such celebritie­s as Jimmy Buffett and David Letterman, spies tell The National ENQUIRER! Rose, 33, married Rory, 31, on May 14 at her home in Ojai, Calif., and sources say “a strange and funky assortment” of stars made up for family members who bailed.

“Buffett and Letterman are both friends of Caroline’s,” reveals a wedding insider. “Actor Jason Segel, who used to date Rory’s sister Maeve, was there. “There were about 300 guests, mostly local friends of Rose’s and Rory’s.”

Kennedy stalwart Maria Shriver attended, but her ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzene­gger, sent his well wishes, sources say.

Despite the big turnout, insiders say a number of Kennedys from the East Coast couldn’t make it — including vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has caused a bitter divide in the famous family because of his views.

As The National ENQUIRER reported, some older and more traditiona­l members of the staunchly Catholic family vowed to stay away from the same-sex nuptials of Rose — who looks astonishin­gly like her maternal grandmothe­r, former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

 ?? ?? Schlossber­g
(left) wed Rory McAuliffe
Schlossber­g (left) wed Rory McAuliffe

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