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Women always on his mind while he’s on the road again


RANDY old Willie Nelson is getting a lot of attention from doting beauties while on the road, and sources say that’s riling up his wife! The touring Honeysuckl­e Rose legend, 89, may be out of wife Annie D’Angelo’s firing range for a few more months, but the sources say she’ll still hear about it from members of the band — including their sons, Lukas, 33, and Micah, 32, and Willie’s daughter Amy, 49. “Willie’s pushing 90, but he’s a country boy at heart and can’t resist a little harmless flirting with all the girls he meets,” spills an insider. “It makes him feel young and frisky again.

“His friends in the country music biz — like Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris — think he’s cute and call him ‘Grandpa,’ which Willie can’t like. But he still enjoys hanging around the younger set. He’s always been the life of the party as well as a huge flirt. He can’t help himself.”

The problem, the insider continues, is that word of Willie’s rambling eye gets back to Annie, 66, because he’s surrounded by their kids. She’s apparently been letting him know it’s okay for him to tour, but only if he’s on his best behavior.

“Everyone knows putting a harness on a wild horse like Willie won’t do no good,” says the insider. “Annie tried that with cannabis, but he’s still popping the CBD gummies like they’re going out of style.”

Willie gave up smoking weed years ago, but he still enjoys other pot-based products.

“His health hasn’t been the best due to all the drinking and smoking he used to do, and he’s got aches and pains,” says the source. “But, for Willie, getting on the road and being surrounded by pretty ladies is the best remedy.”

 ?? ?? Willie cozied up to young fans at Stagecoach
Willie cozied up to young fans at Stagecoach Festival

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