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FORMER heavyweigh­t boxing champ and grill master George Foreman is terrified his reputation will be KO’d by a sex abuse lawsuit brought by two women from his distant past!

The beloved 73-year-old fighter turned businessma­n

— who has an estimated net worth of $300 million — has painstakin­gly remodeled his image from a brooding brute to a lovable family man and minister. Foreman vehemently denies the shocking accusation­s, calling them nothing more than a


“Over the past six months, two women have been trying to extort millions of dollars each from me and my family,” Foreman says. “They are falsely claiming that I sexually abused them over 45 years ago in the 1970s.

“I adamantly and categorica­lly deny these allegation­s.”

His accusers’ fathers were reportedly close to George in the days before his religious rebirth in the 1970s when he suffered a devastatin­g loss to Muhammad Ali in Zaire. He eventually returned to boxing to help fund his Houston church. “George dedicated himself and his career to God and is panicked that these allegation­s will undo all of the good work he’s done,” confides an insider. “He’s planning to fight this like it’s another championsh­ip bout!”

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