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When it comes to hoarding shoes, the

49-yearold former


Secret catwalker and current

America’s Got Talent judge has it all over Imelda Marcos, the kickscolle­cting widow of the Philippine­s dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“It’s embarrassi­ng, I probably own 2,000. Does that sound horrible? You know what it is — I just hoard and hoard and hoard,” she admits.

“I’m a high-heel hoarder. I love cool details — studs, a bedazzled heel, a fun shape.”

And not just shoes!

“Being in this industry for over 20 years, I’ve collected so many pieces from designers, and handbags and shoes,” says the former Project Runway judge. “So everything is nicely organized with a photo in the basement for them.”

When she shops, “Hopefully, they have my shoe size — an 11!”

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