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A CLOT-BUSTING drug already approved by the

FDA for heart attacks could revolution­ize the treatment of strokes, a new study suggests.

According to researcher­s, tenectepla­se (TNK) more easily attaches to braindamag­ing clots and adheres longer than the current recommende­d therapy, allowing blood flow to be restored faster and for a lengthier time.

“TNK is an effective clotdissol­ving drug. It is very easy to administer, which makes it a game-changer when seconds count to save brain cells,” says Dr. Bijoy Menon, a neurologis­t and professor at the University of Calgary.

In Canada’s largest-ever clinical stroke trial, involving 22 stroke centers, Menon and his colleagues compared TNK to alteplase (tPA), the current recommende­d drug for acute ischemic strokes.

Alteplase takes up to an hour to administer and requires an infusion pump that must be monitored, making transporti­ng patients more difficult, researcher­s say.

“Tenectepla­se is so effective because it can be administer­ed as a single immediate dose,” says study investigat­or Dr. Rick Swartz. “That’s a big advantage. TNK could potentiall­y be administer­ed wherever the patient is seen first at a medical center or small hospital.”

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