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GETTING an annual flu shot may slash your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 40 percent, according to researcher­s at UTHealth Houston.

“We found flu vaccinatio­n in older adults reduces the risk for several years,” says Dr. Avram Bukhbinder.

More than 6 million

Americans are battling the memory-robbing disease, and the number is expected to more than double over the next 25 years.

The scientists’ study compared data from 935,887 flu-vaccinated and 935,887 unvaccinat­ed Americans aged 65 and older.

Over four years, about 5.1 percent of the vaccinated developed Alzheimer’s, compared to 8.5 percent of the unvaccinat­ed.

“The rate of developing Alzheimer’s was lowest among those who consistent­ly received the flu vaccine every year,” reveals Bukhbinder. He cautions further study is needed to determine the cause, but adds future research should also assess whether flu vaccinatio­n has a role in the rate of symptom progressio­n in patients who already have the condition.

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