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FAMILY LOVES SHACKING UP! Toolshed home with bucket toilet sparks craze for modest living


AN ARKANSAS family of six who downsized into a toolshed with a shared bucket for a toilet say they LOVE it — and have started a revolution in rustic living on TikTok!

The pandemic hit Jessica and Lath Taylor hard — so they shed their three-bedroom, two-bath monster and moved with their four kids, all under the age of nine, into a 500-square-foot lofted toolshed in western Tennessee with no commode. It has SOME of the comforts of home — electricit­y, running water, a stylish look and a 65-inch flat-screen TV — but everyone shares an outhouse “bucket system.”

Neverthele­ss, their no-frills version of the “tiny house” craze is catching on! “More people are breaking free from the mindset that you have to have the big expensive fancy house,” says Jessica,

30, who has nearly 70,000 social media followers. “There’s value in living modestly. We’re able to spend more time together gardening and enjoying nature rather than working to afford lavish accommodat­ions!”

 ?? ?? Jessica and her family have a cozy setup — save for
a flusher
Jessica and her family have a cozy setup — save for a flusher

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