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Tries to right wrongs & say his goodbyes before brain disease drags him to oblivion


BRAVE Bruce Willis is delivering his final goodbyes to close friends and colleagues — and expressing his dying wishes to his family — before he descends into the darkness of brain-ravaging aphasia, sources tell The National ENQUIRER.

The Die Hard hunk, 67, retired from Hollywood in March when his family shared his sad diagnosis with the degenerati­ve neurologic­al disorder. The incurable condition gradually robs folks of their ability to speak, read and write, and can also cause worsening confusion and memory problems.

Now, sources confide to The ENQUIRER, the once-strapping movie stud is already struggling with communicat­ion challenges and has difficulty rememberin­g things.

“The fear is he’ll disappear into a dark abyss in a few short years,” spills an insider. “People have worried for years that something was wrong because he couldn’t remember lines, he needed prompts, and his words didn’t come out right. The disease seems already to have advanced to a dire stage.”

Tipsters tattle the ailing actor has reached out to industry pals, including Moonlighti­ng castmate Cybill Shepherd, Bonnie Bedelia from Die Hard, Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta and Helen Mirren from Red. “Bruce wants to talk about the good times they had and settle any difference­s,” squeals the insider.

“He and Cybill, especially, butted heads during Moonlighti­ng, and he’d like to clear the air. He knows he wasn’t the easiest person to get along with. He had an enormous ego, and he wants her, John and Helen — and all the others — to know what a privilege it was to work with them.”

The devoted dad is also staying in close contact with his three adult daughters — Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28 — and their

mom, his ex Demi Moore, 59, and he’s spending quality time with wife Emma Heming, 44, their girls, Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8. “Bruce had a pretty good relationsh­ip with his older daughters already, but they’ve become even closer since the diagnosis. They talk all the time as a family with Emma, the younger kids and Demi,” dishes the insider. “He’s expressed his love and wants them all to know how much they mean to him.” According to the mole, the blended clan is even eyeing Bruce’s bucket-list getaways to Greece, Italy, France and Costa Rica.

But most importantl­y, sources say the superstar wants Emma and Demi to strengthen their bond before he fades away.

“He’s insisting they be like sisters and take care of one another because it’s not going to get easier,” explains the source. “He wants to rest in the knowledge that they’ll be there for each other — and the kids.”

 ?? ?? Devoted dad Willis with Rumer (left), ex-wife Demi, Scout, wife Emma and Tallulah
Devoted dad Willis with Rumer (left), ex-wife Demi, Scout, wife Emma and Tallulah
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Bruce and Emma share daughters Mabel and Evelyn
Bruce and Emma share daughters Mabel and Evelyn

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