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INSECURE Heather Locklear has wrecked her beautiful appearance with plastic surgery and cosmetic quick fixes as the former Melrose Place mess can’t face growing old, sources spill.

The sober Spin City siren, 61, may have beaten her addiction demons— but recent photos snapped in L.A. show her looks have gone to hell!

Spywitness­es blab the onetime Dynasty darling’s puffy, unlined face was so swollen her eyes were nearly shut!

Having put boozing and pill-popping behind her — after 20-plus stints in rehab — moles say the beleaguere­d blonde still struggles with her self-esteem.

“Heather is clearly having a very tough time aging and looking to offset the hands of time with fillers and other treatments,” dishes an insider.

“But anyone can plainly see that it’s spiraled way out of hand!” A cosmetic surgeon, who has not treated the disfigured TV star, tells The National ENQUIRER Heather likely underwent a minimally invasive facelift and an upper and lower eyelid procedure “with extensive fillers and Botox!”

But the doc observes, “I don’t feel this is a great result because it has altered her appearance to the point that she does not look natural.”

The insider adds, “It’s a crying shame. She obviously doesn’t want to grow old gracefully.”

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The Dynasty dish has had a facelift
and more, a surgeon suspects
NOW The Dynasty dish has had a facelift and more, a surgeon suspects
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