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AGELESS beauty Nicole Kidman claims she’s never gone under the knife, but one plastic surgeon says that’s a big little lie — because the Bombshell babe’s suspicious­ly smooth mug is showing signs of a secret facelift!

Dr. Otto Placik of BodySculpt­ tells The National ENQUIRER, “Her particular­ly high cheekbones and minimal wrinkles in her lower eyelids suggest she’s had lower eyelid surgery, as well as either cheek fillers or a mid-facelift.

“Her especially smooth jawline, neck contours and enlarged ear lobes also strongly suggest a facelift!” The Chicago-based doctor, who has not treated Nicole, also believes the Eyes Wide Shut sexpot, 55, has used Botox to iron out her forehead and says there’s “no doubt” she’s had surgery, which “transforme­d her looks rather than rejuvenate­d them.”

But the willowy Aussie insists she’s “completely natural” — and long ago ditched Botox injections because “I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards.” Instead, the Lion Oscar nominee credits healthy living for her wrinkle-free appearance and explains, “I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself.”

But a tipster close to the Moulin Rouge! stunner huffs, “Every few months, it seems Nicole’s got a new look and a new face. It’s a shame because she’s already beautiful, and she may one day lose her natural looks forever.

“She needs to give it a rest!”

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