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REGULAR exercise on a treadmill could improve symptoms of neurodegen­erative conditions like Parkinson’s disease — and its effects can be replicated with a common cholestero­l-busting drug, according to researcher­s.

Scientists at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center had mice run on a treadmill for 30-minute intervals six days a week over two months and found the workouts reversed disease-induced changes in the brains of the rodents — in the absence of medication!

“We’re very excited about the results,” says Rush researcher Dr. Kalipada Pahan.

But the team realized treadmill usage might not be possible for every Parkinson’s patient and found a low dose of the cholestero­l-fighting drug fenofibrat­e mimics the impact of the exercise on the brain!

“If fenofibrat­e can replicate the same effects as running on a treadmill, it will be a notable advance in the treatment of these devastatin­g neurologic­al disorders,” says Pahan.

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