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But ghoulish tail has happy ending


YOU have to give this prankster pooch a hand — the 224-pound English mastiff successful­ly tricked his

Iowa neighbors into believing he murdered the mailman and carried off the civil servant’s severed arm as a trophy!

At first, everyone recoiled in horror when Tatanka the tank-like dog was seen ripping about the neighborho­od, carrying what appeared to be a bloodied human arm in his gigantic jaws.

When the massive mutt’s owner, Debra Ann Ridge, saw Tatanka tossing the arm merrily into the air, she had to laugh — it wasn’t the remains of a mauled mailman, it was a prop from a box of ghoulish decoration­s!

“I was preparing for Halloween. And every year I bring out the infamous arm. My boy becomes so excited and grabs it and runs off with it,” says Debra Ann, 57. “He runs around carrying it and throwing it up in the air!”

The precious pet loves the humanlooki­ng limb so much that Debra Ann has to keep stocking up on new ones.

“I bought the arm off eBay. It was about seven dollars, and we’ve had about seven or eight over the years,” she says.

She calmed the neighbors down by explaining the arm was fake, but she says people often shun the humongous hound even when he’s NOT playing gruesome games. “Many cross the street when we are walking due to his size alone,” she says, adding her neighbors fail to understand Tatanka is just a funloving cuddlebug!

“He’s a joker,” she says with pride. “He’s very playful!”


 ?? ?? Debra Ann Ridge says her Tatanka is just a playful joker
Debra Ann Ridge says her Tatanka is just a playful joker

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