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GRUDGING Gwen Stefani, 53, is feeling threatened by 25-year-old Cuban cutie Camila Cabello, her new colleague on The Voice — and it’s rapidly spiraling out of control, sources sing to The National ENQUIRER!

“The producers are making a huge fuss over Camila like she’s this savior, and that’s annoying Gwen big-time,” trumpets an insider.

“Gwen’s playing nice but getting a strong impression

she’s playing second fiddle all of a sudden. She plasters on a smile when the cameras are rolling, but she’s really bothered by all the attention Camila’s getting and she complains behind the scenes that she’s being overshadow­ed by this upstart!”

Sources snitch Hollaback Girl Gwen could even walk away if she doesn’t get more respect. “What makes it worse is that Blake [Shelton] is drooling over Camila and telling Gwen to chill and stop being a big baby. This is their first season as husband and wife, and Gwen’s feeling rejected.” Meanwhile, an insider says the Señorita siren is lapping it all up! “Camila seems to be getting a kick out of stealing artists right from under Gwen’s nose. She’s got the competitiv­e spirit. To Blake and John Legend, it’s a game. To Gwen, it’s personal. It can’t go on like this much longer!”

 ?? ?? Stefani’s not thrilled with Voice newcomer Cabello,
insiders say
Stefani’s not thrilled with Voice newcomer Cabello, insiders say

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