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Health worries over 50-lb. weight gain


DIMINUTIVE Lena Dunham has piled on 50 pounds — and friends and medical experts fear for the ailing star’s life!

Insiders say the Girls creator is smashing the scales at 175 pounds packed on her 5-foot-3 frame. Medical experts who viewed shocking new images of the vastly expanded writer, director and actress believe she’s at risk for “multiple” health crises — especially because she suffers from EhlersDanl­os syndrome, a lifethreat­ening autoimmune disease!

“Rapid weight gain alone can be dangerous and place undue stress on the body and organs,” warns nutritioni­st Lisa Richards. “It can put one at risk for many serious illnesses — especially heart disease.” Ehlers-Danlos negatively impacts connective tissues like skin, joints and blood vessel walls. Lena began using a cane in 2019, causing pals to fear she soon may not be able to walk at all. Richards, who hasn’t treated Dunham, adds EhlersDanl­os can also manifest itself in weight issues if not properly controlled.

The Mayo Clinic says people with the syndrome are at increased risk of “fatal ruptures of major blood vessels.”

At age 36, Lena may be running out of time fast, friends worry. The average life expectancy for EhlersDanl­os patients is just 48, and about 80 percent of patients have a “critical event” by age 40, experts say!

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 ?? ?? Girls creator Dunham’s in danger, friends fear
Girls creator Dunham’s in danger, friends fear

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