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Tricky family interventi­on reunites Sly & Jennifer – at least for now!


HOLLYWOOD heavyweigh­t Sylvester Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin have called their recent divorce bout a draw — and tipsters say their three adult daughters played referee to pull their parents’ 25-year marriage back from the brink of a $700 million divorce! Sources say one of the biggest reasons Rocky icon Sly, 76, and Jennifer, 54, were on the ropes was their disagreeme­nt over how to manage the acting careers of kids Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20 — and the beauties were devastated to learn their aspiration­s nearly delivered a knockout blow to their mom and dad’s romance!

“The girls felt terrible and were determined to do something about it,” spills an insider. “They knew it wasn’t going to be easy, given how stubborn Sly and Jen both were being.” Jennifer slapped Sly with divorce papers in Palm Beach County, Fla., in September, claiming their union was “irretrieva­bly broken.” According to tipsters, Sly was pressured by his wife into filming a reality show about the family — but their kids also resented him for not doing more to bolster their spotlight-chasing dreams!

But the insider says after those disagreeme­nts drove a wedge between the longtime lovers, “the girls were on the phone every day to Sly and Jennifer, trying to get them to reconsider the split.

“Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet arranged an informal gettogethe­r, where they sat down and realized their love for each other was more important than any business disagreeme­nt. Sly and Jen are back together — and have their daughters to thank for that.”

 ?? ?? The Stallone family (from left): Sistine, Jennifer,
Sylvester, Scarlet and Sophia
The Stallone family (from left): Sistine, Jennifer, Sylvester, Scarlet and Sophia

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