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CAN’T GET baby to go to sleep? Scientists say they’ve got the answer!

“Babies’ nighttime crying can lead to parental stress,” says Kumi Kuroda of Japan’s RIKEN Center for Brain Science.

“We need science to understand a baby’s behaviors — because they’re more complex than we thought!”

After investigat­ing how other mammals soothe their young, the researcher­s launched a study involving 21 human infants.

They found that when the mother walked while carrying the baby, creating a natural jiggle, the tot calmed down and the heart rate slowed within 30 seconds. After five minutes, all the babies stopped wailing and nearly half fell blissfully asleep.

Further research reveals that infants who manage to get a bit more shut-eye in their parents’ arms before being laid down in their crib were even less likely to wake up again!

And the final sleep strategy the researcher­s came up with: Hold crying babies and walk with them for five minutes, then sit and hold them for another five to eight minutes before putting them to bed.

Mother-of-four Kuroda admits she was happily “very surprised” by the results!

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