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Women Embrace Breakthrou­gh Pill

A top medical doctor discovered a natural formula that targets your thyroid to combat lack of energy, mood concerns, and many other signs of thyroid imbalance needlessly affecting millions.

- By S.A. Nickerson, Health Correspond­ent

Patient after patient had similar complaints — lack of energy, mood swings, lack of romantic interest, and even more weight gain!

That’s when Dr. David Brownstein discovered there was a common cause — a problem with his patients’ thyroid!

In fact, 80% of Americans suffer from sub-optimal thyroid function. And women over 45 are particular­ly vulnerable.

“An incredible number of women across the country visit their doctor each year complainin­g of feeling tired, grumpy, or not quite right. Far too many of them are told this is normal for their age. Or even worse, that it’s all in their head,” says Dr. Brownstein.

“Don’t buy into this big lie,” he warns, “because nothing could be further from the truth.”

Dr. Brownstein is no ordinary doctor. He’s both a medical doctor and a renowned natural physician serving as medical director of the respected Center for Holistic Medicine.

Before writing a prescripti­on for a powerful drug with potentiall­y harmful side effects, he always first seeks to find a natural remedy.

Thyroid Test Not Always Accurate

Dr. Brownstein cautions: Very few women realize their thyroid isn’t functionin­g adequately.

This means their health concerns are often ignored or not taken seriously. And a common lab test for thyroid function may be misleading. So unfortunat­ely, many sufferers have been told their thyroid is just fine when it’s actually operating at a sub-par level.

Jumpstart Your Thyroid, Get Your Energy Back

Your tiny thyroid gland drives the metabolic rate of every cell in your body, 24 hours a day. It particular­ly impacts your energy level, your weight, and your mood.

From the beating of your heart to the function of your sex organs, your thyroid exerts a powerful hormonal influence on numerous critical tasks throughout your body.

Dr. Brownstein created a natural formula called ACTALIN ®— a proprietar­y blend of 17 nutrients beneficial to thyroid health, including iodine.

And contrary to what you hear, the iodine in table salt is simply not enough for full thyroid health.

With daily use, ACTALIN provides the body with a non-drug way to rev up a sluggish thyroid and regain lost energy.

In fact, ACTALIN has become so popular, over 600,000 bottles have already been sold.

Adrenal Support and Stress

While a high-stress lifestyle is a key factor impacting thyroid health, the adrenal glands also suffer. So the advanced ACTALIN formula offers support for your overtaxed adrenal glands with a unique blend that includes adrenal glandular powder. This provides more overall support for your busy, stressful life.

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